Recent Speaking Engagements

Keynote Speaker.  Title: Macroeconomic outlook and the impact on employment opportunities for millennials.  Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute’s Pillars for Progress tour.  Guests include local and national elected officials, educators, organizational heads, students, TV and media executives, and more.  August 29th, 2017, Los Angeles, CA.

Research Presentation. Presentation title: Fiscal Consolidation and Economic Output Since the Great Recession.  UMBC’s Annual Research Conference: “Diversity Across Disciplines.” March 29th, 2017, Baltimore, MD.

Introductory Remarks.  Tech Prep Summit at the University of the District of Columbia.  Provided opening remarks on career opportunities in the technology sector, as well as the economic importance of developing STEM career paths for the overall economy.  Washington, D.C. October, 2016.

Round-table Discussion at U.S. House of Representatives.  Event commemorating the EEOC’s report on diversity in the tech sector.  Gave remarks on importance to overall economic output of investing in wider base of participants in fast growing sectors, such as technology.  In coordination with Rep. Bobby Scott (IL), EEOC Chairwoman, OFCCP Director, and various other members of Congress.  Rayburn Office Building, Washington, D.C., September 26, 2016.

Remarks/Presentation. “Turning tragedy into an investment opportunity: How entrepreneurs find opportunity in this competitive tech environment and how Puerto Rico fares as an investment vehicle.”  Dialogue on Diversity’s 2016 Entrepreneurship / IT Conference, Washington, D.C., September 2016.

Panelist. “Tech entrepreneurship, Opportunity Hubs, Co-Working Spaces, Accelerators, and Incubators.”  Multicultural, Media, and Telecom Council’s Access to Capital & Policy Conference, Westin Georgetown, July 13th, 2016.  Spoke on the impacts of tech entrepreneurship on the macroeconomy and specific communities across the country.

Guest Speaker.  “Tech startups and economic ramifications.” Emerging Tech Leaders Conference at the University of IL-Chicago June 24th, 2016.

Guest Lecturer.  “How to start, fund, and grow a tech company?”  On April 25, 2016 gave a lecture on the titled topic to a group of budding entrepreneurs and technologists at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Round-table Discussion with Treasury Department.  On October 19th, 2015 the U.S. Treasury Department invited leading national experts to discuss the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico and possible U.S. Federal Government solutions.  Spoke on the need for short-term fiscal solutions in order to gain certainty for business investment and economic growth.  In attendance: Secretary Lew, NEC Director Jeffrey Zeints, Special Advisor Antonio Weiss, Brookings Institution, the Urban Institute, and several other national organizations.  U.S. Treasury official readout here.

Panelist.  Congressional Briefing: Title II vs. 706.  A panel discussion hosted by the Minority Media & Telecom Council on Capitol Hill discussing the issue of “net neutrality.”  Fellow panelists: Dr. Hal Singer, Economist and Forbes contributor, Dr. Diana Carew, Economist and Director of Prosperity for Young Americans, Dr. Anna-Maria Kovacs, Sr. Scholar Georgetown School of Business and Public Policy, Timothy Robinson, Esq., Legislative Director Congressman Bobby Rush, and Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee, VP, MMTC.

Introductory Remarks.  Legislative luncheon for Future Leaders in Policy (FLIP) in Washington, D.C. discussing millennial civic engagement and important policy issues for young professionals and students. Guests included state legislators and directors of national non-profits.

Panelist.  Energize Charlotte.  A panel discussion on the opportunities for economic development presented by a growing energy sector. Hosted by the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) and Hispanics in Energy (HIE) at the NASCAR Museum in Charlotte, NC.

Introductory Remarks and Moderator.  Panel discussion: Introduction to Entrepreneurship.  Hosted by HACU Alumni Assoc. and The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce. Panelists included scholars, successful entrepreneurs, and an SBA representative.

Introductory Remarks and Moderator.  Panel Discussion: Puerto Rico’s Economy and Business Opportunities.  Hosted by National Black & Latino Council at the El San Juan Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Panelists include the Chairman of the USHCC, President of the Puerto Rico Manufacturer’s Association, Executive Director of PRIDCO, and Founder of ARC Angel Fund.

Remarks.  Politic365 event releasing its Blueprint for Universal Economic Inclusion.  Guests included current and former members of Congress, Capitol Hill staffers, and leaders of national organizations.  Discussed importance of economic opportunities for low income and minority community development.

Panelist.  Entrepreneur’s Panel.  Hosted by the George Washington University.  Discussion on how to succeed in business and the entrepreneurial process.  Fellow panelists included CEOs of several national small and medium-sized businesses.

Opening Remarks.  Politic365’s Game Changers event.  Notable guests included Senator Bob Menendez (NJ), Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX), Congressman Bobby Rush (IL), and Al Sharpton, among others.