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(Published by Lexington Books in 2015)

Learn What You [and those you plan to vote for] Need to Know about Economics before the Next Election . . .

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Recently mentioned in Boston Globe, Miami Herald, and the Star Tribune!

You’ve come to this page dying to read my book (hey, a guy can dream), so thanks for the interest.

The Common Sense behind Basic Economics (hardback version) was officially released in October by Lexington Books. (For official launch parties, signings, and paperback release info, email Info@CommonSenseEcon.com.)  Order from any of the following:

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(For a 30% discount, order here with code “LEX30AUTH16,” or see this flyer.)

See below or click here for a few endorsements and a short summary, but the title probably says it all.  It is a primer on economics, meant to provide an overview of the basics of basic economics, in a simple-to-understand, no pedantic economics-speak, no graphs, no charts, and non-technical kind of way . . . with a dash of my humor, sometimes poking fun at how amazingly unaware many of our nation’s leaders can be, recounting my love of chocolate cake, and even mentioning the intelligent quotients of the Kardashians a time or two.Back Cover and Spine

Hopefully you, or someone you know, will benefit from gaining a better understanding of the basics, because economic policies have the potential to influence every aspect of all of our lives.  Knowing the importance to our country, I’d be happy if even one person expands their knowledge and becomes a more informed, and engaged, citizen.

For more info, feel free to shoot me an email: Info@CommonSenseEcon.com.  If you’d like to be one of the first to get a signed copy of the book, I only ask for a small, personal donation of at least $1000, or its value in various pastries of your choice (okay, okay, since you’re begging, I’ll go ahead and throw in a signature for those first, brave souls who place an order).

Kidding aside, I’ll be sure to keep my email contacts updated on the final date of publication.

Thanks again for your interest, take care, and God bless.


“It’s been a joy working with Justin over the past few years on Op-eds and political roundtables. Justin has a remarkable understanding of economics and explaining his viewpoints for my Millennial generation. An economic and political book for Millennials, by a Millennial.”
Jeb Bush Jr.

“Vélez-Hagan promises common sense in this primer on economics and delivers with a clear, conversational writing style. Those new to the study of economics will appreciate the author’s translation of economics jargon into plain English. And for those previously turned off by the ‘dismal science’ Vélez-Hagan provides a refreshing and demystifying take on the economic policy issues that capture the attention of both traditional and social media.”
— Dr. Ryan R. Brady, economics professor, United States Naval Academy

“The Common Sense behind Basic Economics attempts to take a very dry subject—economics—and fuse it with an energy and spirit. The text literally jumps off the page allowing the reader to comprehend complex issues using a bit of humor. This combination integrated with real-life examples brings a clarity and focus to the economic principals the author is presenting. A must read for the individual beginning their quest for knowledge and understanding of the economic principals driving business today.”
— Dr. George T. Solomon, professor, George Washington University

“In an economy full of changes and challenges, this book provides a guide and the framework for students to understand clearly and simply how the economy works.”
Gustavo Vélez, economist and former advisor to the governor of Puerto Rico, President of Inteligencia Económica

“Mr. Velez-Hagan offers the perfect blend of core foundational principles for understanding how markets and governments should work, relevant discussions of essential ‘Economics 101’ subject matter that students and the citizenry at large ought to be thinking about, and pragmatic real-world examples to make his points.”
Charles Davidson, director of the Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute (ACLP), New York Law School

Short Summary:

Although it may sometimes seem like studying trigonometry in Latin, basic economics really is just plain common sense. But, it’s become so complicated in its presentation that very few are able to learn the basics. Whether academics, researchers, pundits, or legislators, few seem to have the skills to present economic topics in easy-to-understand language, or they simply don’t know very much themselves.

With such misinformation being strewn about, it’s easy to see why the average citizen, first-year economics student, young professional, or even elected official becomes so easily confused. The truth, however, is that basic economics is actually quite simple and even more commonsensical . . . and it should be explained that way. It rarely is, however, and that’s why I’ve written this book: to explain the basics of the basics in simple and easy-to-understand language that isn’t drier than the Atacama Desert, without the charts, graphs, and formulas typically found in text books. Adding in an occasional dash of humor and politics, this book is intended to be a fun, Cliff’s Notes-style supplement to the typical basic econ textbook, but can also be used as a standalone introduction. Topics include most of the themes presented in an Econ 101 course, as well as a number of end-of-chapter discussions on the policies relevant to economics today.